Creating a Fitness Habit

Creating a Fitness Habit

Now we are entering a New Year you'll see a large number of adverts showcasing new fitness trends, fantastic new diets and other ways to reach your goals quickly and easily. 

If you're like us you may find it difficult to start training with specific goals in mind. The main thing to think is about making it a part of your life. It takes 66 days to enforce a habit, 2 months! Out of the 12 months in 2018, only 2 months of work to get to a healthy habit. 

The 3 R's of Habit Formation are:

  • Reminder - the cue or trigger to start the habit.
  • Routine - the action you take (the habit).
  • Reward - the benefit your gain from the habit.

So if you look at this as a new gym schedule, you would take the hint by joining the gym, workout and following a program you are able to reach a goal. 

Sounds Simple? 

With January being one of the busiest months in gyms across the country the habit is starting to be formed, it's about keeping up with that habit. Here are couple of tips to help you along the way.

Goals - Don't expect to reach your goal in a day! If your goal is to shift a stone great..... break it down into manageable amounts! And once you've managed to achieve your goal how are you going to maintain this. It's about the long game!

It's easier to stay in bed - Your goal will be tested, but it's about your will power. If you keep focused and look at the marginal wins you can keep motivated to push forward with your goal. 

Create the routine - It's about creating a routine, that doesn't just mean get up and do it. To get the best out of any goal and to make it sustainable you must put your body in a place where it's natural to go through the routine. 

Whether you're going to the gym or starting a new diet it must be something you enjoy. What's the point of introducing something to your life that won't bring you joy, health and happiness. Ultimately that's the key message. It's easy to introduce a routine if it doesn't feel like a chore! 

Good luck and get sorted!