I’m in love! It was love at first fight...I saw them across the Sorted website and I had to have them!



The Venum Contender 2.0 boxing gloves! I mean look at the lovely, sleek black finish... The Mona Lisa of boxing gloves without the enigmatic smile... I opted for the 14oz... the perfect match... Of course Venum is a great brand and boy are they great to train with...


But there’s more... I never take them off... On the bus, in the pub... even the lady at the checkout admired them and wanted to try them on (obviously, I said no. They belong to me. Get your own!) To be fair it takes a bit of practice to work the remote control for the TV but after a few days I’m flicking through channels like a demon!  A word of caution though, don’t try driving with them. It’s very dangerous and I suspect, highly illegal! But always carry them on that half chance of a sparring session!


So go and get yourself a pair and you will fall in love too. And if you can think of any clothing accessories that would enhance the glovely look, drop me an email:


In the meantime embrace #GloveLove