Hoi! Take It Outside! 

Okay, gyms are great. I’m not going to fight you on that. But the sun is starting to come out to play (though by the time you read this we’ll
probably be knee high in snow!)... so maybe it’s time to step outside
and enjoy the great outdoors? Now that usually means just going for a
run... Boring! There’s loads of options available for kit and equipment
that can easily be moved outdoors to really improve your exercise
experience... I’ve had a look…

        CYCLING: Unless you’re using the big beast machines, there are some
great exercise bikes on the market. Easily transported into the garden and you don’t have to wear a cycle helmet and there no cars around…


        ROWING: I don’t have a rowing machine in my garage gym, mainly because they tend to take up to much space. But I’ve checked out a few makes that are easily stored and very portable… with the added advantage of not sinking!


        KETTLEBELLS and DUMBBELLS: Easily the most portable bits of kit and if
you like throwing them around in the garden please watch out for any passing pigeons who are not used your presence!


        SLAMMING: Alright we’re slamming! Get your slam on… working that core, but be careful if you’re doing it on the patio that your training doesn’t cause a seismic event!


        SKIPPING: To be honest, I’m rubbish at skipping but I love trying! You should try it too… maybe start looking a like a heavyweight contender!


Just some ideas for outdoors workouts… experiment with the kit but
whatever you do…Take it outside! WARNING: Apply sun protection or wear a
scarf…depending on the weather!