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Black Bear Fitness

Adjustable Dumbbells

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Massively space-efficient, a fantastic home fitness solution.


The 24kg adjustable dumbbell spans 2.5-24kg and has 12 adjustments. With a quick turn of the dial, you can automatically adjust your weight across 15 settings up to a maximum of 24kg.

The 40kg dumbbell space 5kg-40kg with 15 adjustments.


Incredibly versatile, you get the most flexible strength-training option available, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises and increase your strength over time.


Features numerous weight adjustments


Storage base included free of charge


An easy and quick selection system


Super space-efficient


Highly durable


Weight adjustment ranges:


2.5Kg, 3.5Kg, 4.5kg, 5.5Kg, 6.5Kg, 8Kg, 9kg, 10Kg, 11.5kg, 13.5Kg, 16Kg, 18Kg, 20.5Kg, 22.5Kg, 24Kg



5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 13kg, 15kg, 18kg, 20kg, 22kg, 27kg, 29kg, 32kg, 34kg, 36kg, 38kg, 40kg