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Black Bear Fitness

Battle Rope 12m

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Battle ropes are one of the most sought after pieces of exercise equipment in any gym, and with good reason. 38mm.


What on the face of it looks like a simple and reasonably untaxing exercise will cause your entire upper body, lungs, and core to burn within just a couple of minutes. The great thing about this is it’s a zero-impact low risk form of training which targets all your major muscle groups, and those all-important stabilisers.


Ideal for use in commercial gyms, or in your home workout room, battle ropes are the ideal way to build strength endurance, grip strength, and high intensity cardio all at the same time. Used for years by MMA fighters and wrestlers, they have now entered the mainstream fitness world. With a whole host of different techniques to master, battle ropes avoid the risk of dull repetitive workouts which give you little or no motivation to go to the gym. Ideal if you want to take your training to the next level.


These battleropes are made from a three strand Poly Dacron material that is very durable.