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Black Bear Fitness

Dual Adjustable Cable Pulley

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  • Specs

    • Dimensions 168x81x212cm (LxWxH)

    • Weight of machine: 270kg

    • Weight stack: 160lbs each side (72kg)

    • Built in pull up bars

    • Multiple positions on the pulley to adjust hi or low



    This dual cable pulley machine functional trainer is perfect for home gyms. It is  space saving, sturdy and offers plenty of workout options that are performed in commercial gyms.


    Perform a wide variety of exercises such as cable flys, leg workouts, tricep/bicep curls/extensions, pull ups, lat raises and much more.


    The dual pulley has 2x 160lbs (72kg) weight stack. The multi pull-up bar gives you plenty of options.

    Comes with a straight bar attachment, 2 handles for the pulleys and an ankle strap for leg workouts.


    Comes flat packed and needs assembling (instructions included)


    3 year warranty included excluding general wear and tear.