Powerbag PT

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Designed specifically for the Personal Trainer market, the key feature of the Powerbag PT is the ability to quickly change the amount of weight. The bag comes supplied with a ‘standard’ Powerbag sand cell (fillable up to 20kg), plus an additional 3 x mini sand cells (fillable up to 4kg each), allowing you to customise and easily change the weight of the bag. Also Available is a water-filled Hydro Soft Cell to create a more unstable load.


  • Sand Cell - As standard Powerbag®
  • Sand Multi-Cell - Up to 4 individual internal weight sacks (up to 4kg) with double locking Velcro lids can be inserted allowing user to vary the weight according to personal preference or in a group setting to individual capabilities. 3 x Sand Multi-Cell bags come as standard