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The PowerWave™ is a revolutionary multi-functional training device that delivers a total body workout that will improve core strength and physical endurance. Paired with the free PowerWave™ Fitness App – now available on iTunes and Google Play – you will have access to goal-specific 20 minute workouts, anywhere you want to go, on your own schedule. Click Here to watch some workouts.

PowerWave™ is not your average sandbag or Bulgarian bag -- unique features are built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as you maximize caloric expenditure. Customized music and timers assist you in the 20 minute workouts.

Available in 3 weights:

Super - 7kg / 15.4 lbs
The ideal weight for novice users at a beginning level of fitness and those who want increased muscle endurance and a leaner, toner body.

Spartan - 12kg / 26.4 lbs
The ideal weight for intermediate users at a base level of fitness and those who want to improve muscle strength, generate lean muscle gains and increase muscle definition.

The Beast - 20kg / 44 lbs
The ideal weight for advanced users at a level of fitness with requires a high output to achieve results and those who want maximum muscle strength and generate muscle mass.

PowerWave™ Features:

  • Weight options available for any fitness level - Super, Spartan and Beast
  • Weighted keystone engages core muscles
  • Double stitched, removable straps and handles allow for hundreds of exercise options
  • Thermo - gel pad and grip tracks increase catabolic rate of energy release
  • New free PowerWave™ App provides free programming in many different styles and concentrations
  • 20 minute total body metabolic workout allows for double the classes in the same amount of time.
  • Certified instructor program maximizes facility potential by teaching specific curriculum designed to motivate, engage and keep members coming back for more.

PowerWave™ Fitness App Features:

Download the PowerWave™ Fitness App for FREE, on-the-go access to:

  • Goal-Specific Workouts
  • Sample Nutrition Plans and Recipes
  • Facilities & Licensed Instructors near you hosting PowerWave™ classes
  • Download Workouts within the app for offline use
  • Announcements & updates on exciting new products, events, and workouts