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PowerWave™ Terrain Apollo 2.0 4kg

PowerWave™ Terrain Apollo 2.0 4kg

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Everything you need is in the box. PowerWave™ Apollo and a unique serial number to access your workouts and nutrition plans along with a host of other facilities all from the palm of your hands via the PowerWave Fitness App.

Available sizes: Apollo (4kg/15.4lbs) Kids 8 – 17 years of Age

PowerWave Fitness App – Access workouts, nutrition plans and social trainer network all within the palm of your hand with a unique serial number included within the sale of the PowerWave. Fitness on the Go, make the world your gym!


  • Great for Juniors Aged 8-17 Years
  • Improve physical and cognitive skills
  • Building blockes for early adulthood. Specifically designed for safety
  • Access to workouts and nutrition -