Primal Strength HIIT Climbmill

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The Primal Strength HIIT Climbmill is a light-commercial compact stair mill . Designed for PT Studios, private Gyms, Schools, Hotels and homes, the Climbmill has an electronically controlled alternator, which lets the brake and drive chain precisely control the stair speed allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly and use the variety of inbuilt programs.

The Primal HIIT Climbmill has a step surface of 22.5cm by 42.5cm wide and has six revolving staircase 15cm deep steps. The adjustable speed allows users to comfortably hill climb or speed the steps up for an intense HIIT workout.

The Climbmill comes with a large Blue LCD display console pre-programmed with over 25 motivating workout combinations, to help keep work-out routines fresh and interesting. It allows users to track activity, providing feedback including total workout time, calories burned, Watts produced and, of course, floors climbed.

The Primal HIIT Climbmill has contact heart rate sensors on the handrails, and is Polar® chest strap compatible, allowing users to continuously monitor heart rate for optimal results and safety.

The Climbmill has been designed and produced by the industry leading company behind Stairmaster.

Climbmill specifications:

Step Surface: 22.5cm by 42.5cm

Product Weight: 103kg

Max user weight: 136kg

Product dimensions: 117 x 74 x 185 cm (LxWxH)

UK Mainland Warranty- Home 2 years Parts and labour, Light Commercial (3 hours use non-fee paying) 1 Years parts and labour