S-2.2 Squat Stand

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With 70mm x 70mm steel uprights, westside hole spacing, adjustable pull-up bar, and a wide range of compatible accessories, the Iron King S-2.2 squat stand is more power rack than squat rack.

Built in Birmingham, UK. The S-2.2 includes 50mm hole spacing, pull up bar and Iron King J-cups. This all sits on a strong and sturdy base. The S-2.2’s 2.2m height gives you ample space for pull-ups under an 8-foot ceiling, while it’s compact foot print leaves plenty of room for additions and customisation, using our compatible range of add-on’s.

Like all of our equipment, the S-2.2 is well suited to small home gyms and large-scale weight training facilities, alike, with easy transitions from squats to bench, floor press to pull-ups, and anything in-between.


Height – 2.2m
Width – 1.2m
Depth – 1.2m

Lead Time 3-4wks